mercoledì 13 gennaio 2016

Hills Are Floating (music video premiere)

It's my pleasure to present you the first official video for one of my track: Hills Are Floating! You can find it premiered on Dance Like Shaquille O'Neal! The video was filmed between Bologna and Ferrara, in late summer. I want to thank all the people involved in this project, who worked hard to make it real:

AliSe Blandini (writer and director);
Virginia Verona and David Catto (actors);
Elia Andreotti and Daniele Pierani (filming and editing).

Special thanks to Lorenzo Nada and SEMM music store & more.

sabato 28 novembre 2015

New live videos!

Back in this summer, I filmed a couple of live sessions on my balcony, performing tracks from my last album "Beyond Stolen Notes", released on Loci Records and Megaphone Music, which are now available to stream on YouTube!

lunedì 18 maggio 2015

New Album "Beyond Stolen Notes" OUT NOW!

I'm proud and happy to announce that from today my first full-length album "Beyond Stolen Notes" is officially available to buy on digital and limited vinyl, released on Loci Records and Megaphone Records!

Buy it here:
digital -
vinyl -

Thank you to everyone who believes in me and supports my music, to everyone who helped me to realize this project, to my parents, my true friends and all the people I met until this point. This album is dedicated to each one of you, because you’re part of me through your presence into my life: you all inspired this project and I wish you all the best.

mercoledì 13 maggio 2015

Full streaming + tracklist of the new album via Earmilk!

HERE WE GO!!! - part.3

Today you can listen the exclusive full streaming of my new album, out on May 18th on Loci Records (digital) and Megaphone Music (vinyl), on Earmilk!
You can find it here:

"It's easy to label multi-instrumentalist and electronic artist Stèv as a musical prodigy, but to do so only takes away from the tedious work and devotion put into his debut full-length effort on Loci and Megaphone Records. Beyond Stolen Notes is the final product of a craftsman who hooked inspiration from both his musical influences and demographic surroundings. Beginning the framework for the album in Berlin and further pushing its boundaries from his hometown in Ancona, (real name) Stefano Fagnani composes the soundtrack to significant moments in his life that better shaped his understanding and world view." – Earmilk

I’m now able to reveal the tracklist of this work, very important to me! You’ll find few but strong collaborations I did with friends who are also amazing musicians: Springintgut (avant-garde cellist and electronic musician from Germany), Earthquake Island (future beat producer from Italy, based in Japan) and Godblesscomputers (electronic music producer from Italy)! Find the details below:

01 - Hiraku (開く)
02 - Hills Are Floating
03 - New Lands Discovery
04 - Lain Is Dreaming (feat. Earthquake Island)
05 - Urbinian
06 - Kodama No Matsuri (木魂の祭)
07 - While You’re Fading (Cello by Springintgut)
08 - Bamboo Delays (feat. Godblesscomputers)
09 - Haneda (羽田)
10 - Origami Flower
11 - Flying Tissue (Stolen edit)

All tracks produced, performed and recorded by Stefano Fagnani, except for:
- track 04, produced, performed and recorded by Stefano Fagnani and Emiliano Ruggiero;
- track 07, original cello take performed and recorded by Andi Otto;
- track 08, produced, performed and recorded by Stefano Fagnani and Lorenzo Nada.
Mixed and mastered by Stefano Genta.

Artwork by Emiliano Ruggiero.
Graphic design by Andrea Buzzi and Enrico Facca.

lunedì 4 maggio 2015

New single premiere: "Urbinian"

HERE WE GO!!! - part.2

Today is available the streaming of the second tune off my forthcoming album, named “Urbinian”, through Indie Shuffle!
You'll find it here:

"With a bouncy-super-feel-good vibe and a side of a chill, Stèv manages to take a bunch of different sounds and meld them together until you can't find where the electronic in the track ends and the organic begins. He does all this while leaving the listener with an excellent warm weather track, one that just seems like it would coincide perfectly with an ice cold cocktail while sitting around the pool." – Indie Shuffle

This tune is inspired and dedicated to all my friends of Urbino, a small place where I lived for a while, years ago. I used to study at the Fine Art Academy there, but decided to leave to completely dedicate myself to music. Luckly, during the time I spent living there, I found some of the most important people of my life and, due to the city is located near to my hometown, I kept going there to meet them and I have only beautiful and emotional things to remember: a true friendship which crosses the distances and leads us going through several kilometers just to stay together. A stunning place, with stunning people! I’ll keep forever theese memories with me! Straight from my heart, through my art, this piece is for each one of you!